Golf for Business was established in 2019 in order to provide opportunities for businesses and individuals to connect with other business leaders who have a desire to succeed and grow their business whilst at the same time enjoying a round of golf.  Through monthly golfing events, the memberships offered by Golf for Business enable businesses to grow their network of contacts and increase business.


Golf for Business was first discussed during a round of golf.  Having attended a number of networking events over the years we wanted to offer businesses the opportunity to grow their business but at the same time enjoy a round of golf with like minded people, hence Golf for Business was started.




Golf is a game of skill and presents both physical and mental challenges and requires focus and persistence, which are also key attributes to being successful in both personal and business matters.  Golf for Business will provide you with the opportunity to develop these skills whilst at the same time promoting your business to all members of the group.


Golf is a great sport that provides ample time to communicate with business leaders and colleagues both on the course and in the clubhouse.


Golf for Business provides you with the opportunity to get a change of scenery from your usual work environment and to enjoy a relaxing round of golf in natural surroundings at a top golf course, which will allow members to switch off from the stresses of working life and improve their well-being as well as their business.


Ever heard the saying “all the best deals are done on the golf course”?  Join Golf for Business and see how your business could benefit from the numerous opportunities a round of golf provides for your business to grow.